The only toolkit you'll ever need.

Stealthxio Toolkit consists of a Auto Clicker Link opener with blazing fast monitoring system and keyword support. In addition, the fastest Nitro Automation that monitors all servers and channels. Finally, the fastest Discord Joiner on the market that allows monitoring with different discord accounts.


Take a read on the exciting features we offer

Auto Link Opener

Our software will automatically open a link(s) that are dectected instantly

Nitro Automation

This will automatically try to redeem any Discord Nitro detected

Discord Joiner

This tool will detect any invites and attempt to join

Super-fast Monitoring

Smart monitoring will increase chances dramatically

Multiple Keyword Support

This feature will automatically tell our software to listen to specified words and open/join detected content

Mac/Windows Compatible

We tick both the boxes! Our software works on both Windows and Mac.


The ultimate browser-based extension


Stealthxio Autofill is a chrome based extension. We excel in manual cops across the board. Our Stealthxio extension is constantly being improved with additions of new sites.

  • Stripe Autofill/ACO
  • Shopify Autofill/ACO
  • Supreme Autofill/ACO
  • Custom sites/Bot sites (Yeezy Supply, Footshop, EndClothing, Finishline, Footsites, BestBuy and more)
  • More amazing features coming soon!
    Included with the Stealthxio Toolkit*


Below, we’ve provided a few answers for some of our mostly frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions, please get in touch with us via Twitter @StealthXIO

What sites do you support?

Shopify, Stripe, Supreme Adidas, YS, Footsites, Finishline and More.

An autofill and ACO(Autocheckout) for all the supported site. Another software includes a discord invite joiner, discord nitro accepter and a discord auto link opener.

For a full in depth guide, please view the Stealthxio Documentation.

We will announce our next restock on Twitter via @stealthxio


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1. We reserve the right to suspend any accounts at any time without prior warning or liability.

2. Distributing any information/breaching our software will result in an immediate and incontestable permanent ban from Stealthxio.

3. Stealthxio does not distribute or intentionally collect private information from a user or users.

4. All sales are final. We will not issue refunds and, or cancellations of our digital product also known as a license key. This is not limited to false purchasing, purchase from a 3rd party, and duplicate orders. (Users are responsible for their subscription status via the (Dashboard)

5. Stealthxio does not guarantee success in any way. Our main objective is to drastically increase your chances of having success.